"We are family" and "Worship" topics from 2019, Audio and Notes, Jef Sutherland

Lessons from the 'We are family' class, Fall 2019 (Audio)

12/29/2019 Mission and Hospitality                       Class Notes

12/22/2019 The realities of being family audio

12/15/2019 Confession and forgiveness                Class Notes

12/8/2019 Family care audio

12/1/2019 Handling disagreements - handout

11/25/2019 Other Family audio                             Class Notes

11/17/2019 Marriage audio                                   Class notes

11/10/2019 Worship with the church family - audio

11/3/2019 Honor, Humility and Submission - audio

10/27/2019 Family Reality Check - Perfect church, real church - audio

10/6/2019 Family in the OT part 2 - audio           Class notes

9/29/2019 Family in the OT - audio                     Class notes

Lessons from the Worship class, Spring 2019 (Audio)

6/30/2019 Responding to question on roles document, closing comments

6/23/2019 Follow up on giving, role document and prayer

6/9/2019 Singing

6/2/2019 Bible study vs worship, why Sundays, lessons, preaching, and intro to instruments in worship

5/26/2019 The Billings church history and how we make decisions

5/19/2019 The church after the Apostles

5/13/2019 Instructions for what they did when they met as church

5/5/2019 What they did when they met as church

4/28/2019 The nature of the New Testament witings, Part 2

4/21/2019 What Jesus said on Worship and the nature of the New Testament writings, Part 1

4/14/2019 Worship in the Old Testment

4/7/2019 The nature of God and man

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